“In search for cross-border and cross-sector governance: The Baltic Sea Experience”

You can find full article here: In Search of Cross-Border and Cross-Sector Governance: The Baltic Sea Experience


This article was stimulated by the recent event held on 17 June 2015 at the BONUS Baltic Sea Science Congress in Riga, Latvia. BONUS first Policy Day focused on creating the dialogue between politics, policy making and science. The author was invited as a panellist to the panel discussion “In search for the best cross border and -sector governance model”.

…A search for the best cross-border and cross-sector governance model based on the ecosystem approach to regional sea governance remains a key agenda of BONUS over the next few years. The uniqueness of this region and BONUS science-management governance model based on the ecosystem approach helps foster a collective shared responsibility through stakeholder engagement – scientists, policymakers, the commercial sector and general public, in promoting the regional sea economic growth. In this sense, the principles of the BONUS model can be adapted to other regional sea governance, e.g. Mediterranean Sea region and Black Sea as wel l as for studying these and other geopolitical sea regions….

You can find panel discussion here: http://cdn.tiesraides.lv/tiesraides.lv/20150617182614_tiesraides.lv.22_1;


“Remote islands: Present Opportunities”

Just published my latest article abour rural islands in Croatia in the European Rural Development Magazine

My research in regional development of island archipelagos in Croatia shows that generally speaking, rural and remote island communities face a number of particular challenges due to their location, size and other characteristics. It is essential to fully explore the potential of EU RDPs to support the sustainable development of these remote island communities and businesses. Changing attitudes to the potential of these rural areas is key.

Rural Islands – Present Opportunities