Promoting sustainable island archipelagos

My paper on island studies research is currently in the press by the Regions (RSA magazine), No 301, Issue  1. You can find the copy here: R301_RN_Mendas


Better connectedness of isolated islands, better island access, affordable ferry transport and inward investment into communication and green technologies; remain key concerns for the European Commission. If the distance between remote and rural islands and the hinterland is too great, so is transport cost and this calls for a different approach to promoting the growth in rural regions as well as a paradigm shift in understanding
the relationship between distance, transportation costs, and growth in rural regions. Strong signs of resilience in remote islands and communities presents the opportunity for political actors, local SMEs and island communities to work together to ensure long-term sustainable development, including balancing their social, economic and environmental
needs. In this way, islands studies have a chance to contribute to the evidence based policy context and reserve a place within the regional studies context.

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