Harnessing Dis-Ability

My long anticipated paper about how disabled lecturers manage their learning and teaching, has now been published (See:Harnessing Dis-Ability). In honour of all of you out there!


Disabled lecturers at Anglia Ruskin University participated in the study ‘Harnessing DisAbility’ that explored how they manage their learning and teaching and engage students (disabled and non-disabled) in the process. The nature of study was exploratory and ethnographic. Data was collected from the lecturers on both campuses (i.e. Cambridge and Chelmsford) and include lecturer notes, video and audio recordings of the classroom lectures and individual and group interviews. The study has identified three major foci: Space, Communication and Career Development. All three significantly impact on the performance of disabled lecturers. Results show that disabled lecturers have adapted by developing their own specific capabilities in order to cope with the demands of teaching and learning. However, this means undertaking additional, unpaid work in their own time that alongside with the lack of the information often results in creating a stressful and working environment instead of a supportive one. The study concludes that disabled lecturers should be provided with a more supportive working environment through robust planning for better tailored management support as well as access to information that will, in turn, enable disabled lecturers to achieve their career aspirations and satisfaction at workplace.


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